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Is your deepest desire to be truly, unshakeably, blissfully happy?

Have you looked suffering and sadness in the eye?
Do you long for more time to yourself?
Do you often put others’ needs first?
Have you poured a huge amount of time and energy into your work or parenting?
Do you long for an intimate, nourishing partnership
Do you think there must be more to life?
Are you fantastic at keeping commitments to others, but not yourself?
Have you tried various approaches to personal growth but not managed to make things ‘stick’?
Would you like to show up for your kids with more playfulness, presence and patience?
Do you want to get into a lighter, more joyful, playful groove?
Are you hungry for something ‘more’?

Then you’re in the right place gorgeous!
Breathe. Snuggle down. Relax.

I’ve felt all these things too. Like you, I’ve always been someone who is keen to grow and develop. Like you, I’ve had real lows as well as amazing highs.
In the year I turned forty I was sharply reminded that the clock of life is ticking. It was a wake-up call to grab life by the balls. A wake-up call to my own power. A wake-up call to design my own destiny.

In waking up I learned how to love myself. How to show myself compassion. How to stop hiding my real self. How to be more vulnerable. How to live in the moment. How to parent mindfully, with humility and playfulness. How to balance work and play. How to say no. How to stop being a people pleaser.

I woke up and appreciated my perfectly imperfect self,
and I can help you do the same.

We’re all capable of living joyful, beautiful lives. Achieving lasting joy, and truly coming alive isn’t so difficult. Really. There are ways of relating to the world, that if practiced consistently WILL bring you joy, clarity and peace. I know, because I learned the hard way. I have transformed the way I see the world, and I’ve never been happier than I am today.

So, I’m DELIGHTED you’ve dropped by and I would love to help you uncover the juiciest, most awesome version of yourself EVER! Why? Because when you come alive and step into your ‘best self’, you can change the world!

When you make a choice to put your rose tinted glasses on, you start to see love, joy, opportunity, and abundance all around you. And when you focus on the good stuff with every fibre of your being, you attract more of it. Claire Hunter

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