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Praise for Claire

Claire, you’re bloody awesome! Before working with you I thought I was doing pretty well, when in fact I was just existing.  From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for opening not only my eyes, but that previously partially frozen part of me. If you’re thinking about investing in working with Claire, consider it as an investment in yourself and the rest of your life.  Paula Douglas, Sunderland UK

Thank you! Thank you so much for putting in so much time and effort to help me (and everyone else) discover a new level of happiness. I feel privileged to have been part of this course. I wanted to do this for my girls, I want to make sure that I am a positive, happy person to be around, I want to be able to fill our home with love and laughter and I really feel that the tools you’ve provided have helped and will continue to help me to do that to the best of my ability. So, on their behalf I will say thank you too! Lots of love to you Claire, I mean it when I say you’re an inspiration. Kate Alexander, Devon UK

Thank you Claire Hunter for sharing your journey and incredible knowledge with us and thanks to the clan for being there for me and supporting me along the way, through sharing your own vulnerabilities and experience, it has allowed me to do the same and consequently grow and develop as a person.

I feel so different since doing the course. I am more at peace with myself and accepting of what’s happening around me. I have practical tools to deal with life and I am able to smile more. I feel more empowered to make positive changes and not depend on others for support. At the same time I don’t feel alone anymore, I feel that there are people out there who understand and are striving for happiness in the same way.  Alice Whittley, Devon UK

Claire knows her stuff! With her great sense of humour and incredible compassion, empathy and understanding it has been a pleasure to be involved in Rose Tinted Living’s Retreat course. Be ready to make changes, to take the time to really have a go at the tasks Claire suggests. Be open and honest with yourself and embrace the opportunity.

Claire is caring, compassionate and driven. She approaches her work with humour, an open heart and absolute dedication. Working with her has given me chance to reflect on the way I live. It has given me the chance to feel vulnerable and brave at the same time. It has helped me to see how important exercise and healthy living are to a healthy mind. But most importantly it has helped me realise that I’m ok, actually more than ok and that it is worthwhile spending time on me! The biggest change I’ve made is probably beginning to appreciate the present moment. As a result of this I feel a sense of calm and I am now beginning to truly appreciate my loved ones! Lindsey Wright, Devon UK

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