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Coaching & personal growth programmes for creating an extraordinary life!

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Rose Tinted Online Retreats

Online retreats which you complete from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
The wonders of the internet, hey?

Packed full of ideas, techniques, exercises, guided meditation, affirmations, inspirational poetry and stories, encouragement, hand-holding (and butt-kicking if required!), these retreats are a truly
life-changing process.

You’ll receive a comprehensive package of materials and resources that will lead you by the hand to a place of happiness, abundance, gratitude and clarity. There will be some homework to do, and like anything in life, you get out of it whatever the heck you put in! But you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t willing to do the work now would you?!



Rose Tinted 1:1 Coaching

This is for you if you are absolutely 100% sure that you want to see big changes in your life and you’re committed to taking action. If that’s you, WELCOME! It’s always very exciting to meet people who are 100% READY! I only take on a small number of 1:1 coaching clients because this is precious, intensive stuff and I want to give you my very best!

I provide coaching either in person or over Skype. My sessions are provided in blocks of 6 weeks.


Rose Tinted Booster

Rose Tinted Booster

Your booster shot can be delivered in person or via Skype and I promise it won’t hurt a bit!



Rose Tinted Group Taster

I can provide a four hour Rose Tinted Living Taster Session from my home in North Devon, UK, for up to 10 people. During our time together, we can begin the process of exploring your hopes and dreams and start you on the path to living in alignment with your most precious desires.





Personal Praise for Claire

You have this incredibly strong way about you, that’s also so sensitive and caring. There’s also something that makes you a bit magical and fairy like! If anyone had just one or two sessions one-to-one with you it would have a big positive impact on them – Alice Whittley, Devon UK
A remarkable lady who brings light and joy to everyone with whom she comes into contact! – Laura Allen, Devon UK
Claire is positive, energetic and strong. A fireball! Makes dreams a reality! – Sarah Brunt, Bristol UK
Beautiful. Rare. Giving. A gem of a human being – Sarah Overney, Devon UK
A selfless, beautiful soul. Positive. Kind. Caring. Strong. Powerful – Kara Bennett, Devon UK
Claire has such a generous spirit, she is patient, encouraging and so full of enthusiasm. Being able to learn from Claire has been a fabulous experience, I find myself thinking of things I’ve learned everyday without fail – Katharine Alexander, Devon UK

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